Mint Fudge

This is the fudge that my husband’s coworkers beg for me to make. It is whispered about at parties, with everyone making excuses to walk past in order to grab another piece. It is rich and decadent with just the right hint of pepermint. It is magical and addicting, though I claim no great culinary skills.

I also claim no will power when it comes to this wonderful tasting treat, full of it’s evil dairy and corn containing marshmallowy goodness. It would be the death of me, as I delicately slice off small melt-in-my-mouth pieces until I ask, nay beg, my husband to hide it from me. In 2011, I will create an allergy friendly version of this delectable goodness.

This year, my husband sent out an e-mail at work announcing the arrival of the sought after fudge.  In it, he included one request: that everyone randomly tell another person what their favourite thing was, whether it be a book, movie, hobby, color, or whatever. Share the happiness.

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  1. Sweet idea in the email. 🙂

    In our weekly meeting yesterday, we had to tell everyone the best gift we ever received and ever gave.

    I make a mint fudge, too. I don’t usually use peppermint, but I’ve done that too. Fudge is definitely my “infamous” food too. Mmmmm – and NO will power here, either!

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