Green Bag Lady Challenge

The Green Bag Lady joined with Sew Baby Sew to create the Green Bag Lady Challenge. I thought about how I could step up to the challenge. Most of the relatives we give gifts to wouldn’t appreciate the bags. Last year we gave my husband’s brother and his wife a set of 8 Chico Bags along with a gift certificate. The thank you card said, “thank you for the gift certificate.” My husband considered calling them and pointing out that there was something in the bag, too, but restrained himself.

However, as I’ve been preparing to give some gifts to friends, baked goods and homemade vanilla extract, I was thinking about how to package the goodies and make the gift a bit more substantial at the same time. Dealing with food allergies has taken a bit of fun out of my normal holiday baking extravaganza and I’ve made only a dent compared to my normal baking.

Then I saw Daisy Janie’s fabric produce bag tutorial and thought they would be perfect. They are just about the same size as a standard-sized gift bag. Using fabric I already had on hand, I thought it would be a wonderful idea to give some of these away. So, in 2011, I will be giving away fabric bags as my contribution to the Green Bag Lady Challenge. My plan at this point is to give away fabric produce bags, but I know I may tire of those.  I don’t want to limit myself.

You can check back each month in 2011 for your very own chance to receive a free handmade fabric bag. If you are interested in cohosting a give-away and have a natural parenting type blog, business, or message board, please e-mail me. For your donation of fabric and/or postage (or something else – try me), I will cohost a give-away with you.

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  1. We loved the produce bag. I’m glad I saw the link, because I didn’t realize it can roll up. That makes it even better. 🙂

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