Stuffed Giraffes at My Sweet Potatoes

Last month we became the proud owners of a stuffed giraffe from My Sweet Potatoes. I am extremely pleased with our little giraffe. The workmanship is tip-top. The owner uses 100% cotton fabric and polyester stuffing. The individual ribbons are heat sealed so that no chemicals are going in your little one’s mouth. Handmade Stuffed Sensory Giraffe with Colorful Ribbon Accents Brown with Pink and Purple Flowers Handmade Stuffed Giraffe with Ribbon Accents Teal and Brown Flowers

 The neck is the perfect size for babies to grasp. I have to say my absolute favorite part is the attention to colors and detail. These giraffes come in gorgeous color combinations. Ours has pinks, oranges, yellows, and creams. Normally I don’t care that much for pink, but the fabric is beautiful and the chosen ribbons accent it perfectly.

A relative gasped at the price, but honestly, it’s comparable to store bought products and is much higher quality. Where many others lack credibility, My Sweet Potatoes is completely CPSIA compliant. You can feel good giving a gorgeous toy to your child while supporting a small business.

Photo by My Sweet Potatoes

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