Daily Planner

At various points in my life, I attempted to use a daily planner and failed. I would write in it for a day or two. At the most I only lasted a week. That changed in grad. school. Finally I used  a daily planner and came to rely on it quite a bit. I always had my planner with me. My keys went in one pocket. My wallet went in my back pocket. My planner, with special pen clipped on, was carried in hand.

Gallery Leather 2010 Large Planner coach-Tan Leather

When I became pregnant with our first child and quit working, someone remarked that I would no longer need my trusty planner. Apparently, the person thought that as a stay-at-home-mom, I would have no need for such organization. However, I’ve found my planner to be even more of a necessity now that I’m a mother.

While, it is my planner, everything for our family goes in it. I keep track of all of our appointments, coop classes, playdates, errands, and to-do lists. I don’t go anywhere without it. When I designed the perfect diaper bag for our family, I made certain there was a pocket for my planner. My husband often calls me and asks me to write something in it. Friends know that unless I write a get together in my planner, it doesn’t exist.

Ask me how I keep our family organized, and I’ll tell you that my planner is center stage in my efforts

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