29 Days of Giving and the Continuing March for Kindness

Beginning in January and going through February, I and my family participated in our own 29 days of giving. We try to do random acts of kindness often. However, our typical random acts are often convenient, occurring where we might otherwise be. For our 29 day challenge, we tried to grow a bit more.

Photo by Kris

We gave our clothes and other items that we didn’t need anymore to other people, often tracking down people who might need them or going out of our way to deliver the items. I wrote letters and electronic messages in friendly greeting, letting people know they were appreciated or supported or just thought of.

The kids and I went out of our way to pick up and deliver items for others. I invited over friends we had not seen for a long time. I offered free babysitting for friends so that they could do something for themselves. I wrote love notes to my husband and made gifts for my children. I made and gave away produce bags. I saved items for people. I gave help when asked and offered help when I saw the need.

We smiled at others, walked back to stores to hold open doors. We looked for the acts of giving that took more from ourselves. It was a good month. We are looking forward to another good month, as we join Dionna from Code Name: Mama in the March for Kindness.

March of Kindness

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  1. So inspiring! It is a beautiful, peaceful way to live life, giving to others. It dovetails nicely into MOK. I look forward to reading your experiences of this month.

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