Progeny: The Children of the White Lions

R.T. Kaelin has begun a new phenomenon with his debut book, Progeny. Rarely do we see such work come from a new author. The first in a new series, Progeny promises an exhilirating ride.

After watching the destruction of their entire village, siblings Jak, Nikalys, and Kenders, soon learn that little they accepted as fact was true while myths turn out to be real. Faced with a new reality and a challenge to fulfill their role in a prophecy, the siblings begin a coming of age journey of self-realization.

Kaelin’s characters are beautifully rich and well developed, as is the history behind the story and the world which he eloquently creates. The use of magic as energy work brings another dimension to the book, accompanied by subtle nuances and deeper underlying topics. Readers will not be disappointed.

Fans of Tolkien and Paolini will see a wonderful new spin on a fantastical world which leaves the reader anxiously awaiting the next book in the series. While the copy I read still needed some light editing, that fact couldn’t detract from the wonderful writing and story woven within.

Disclaimer: A complimentary copy was provided by the author.

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