Diaper Repair

While I don’t have a lot to declutter at the moment, and ongoing process at my house, I do have a lot of projects that need finished. Some of the projects are large projects that are 90-95% complete, others are new projects, and some are littel projects that seem much larger than they are.

These diapers are an example of something that was much harder in my mind. Back when I made them, I had unknowingly received a bad batch of elastic. Some of the elastic in the diapers lost it’s elasticity over time. Because I had ordered the elastic and still had some, I replaced the bad pieces with more of the same. Of course, I had the same problem with some of the elastic going bad.

So, the pile of diapers that needed repair grew. I was dreading the repair. Once I decided to purchase new elastic and and jump in, I quickly realized that the task wasn’t nearly as taxing as I had imagined. I find that this is true in many aspects of life.

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