Pipe Cleaner Art

I’ve never really cared for pipe cleaners. They feel kind of gross to me. However, I have found a new appreciation for them.

When my children were making their coffee filter butterflies, they began finding other things to do with the pipe cleaners. It wasn’t long before they had an entire group of pipe cleaner creatures. There were so enamoured with this (low mess) project, that I think it will be a perfect on the road project. We’ll take some pipe cleaners with us when we go on our trip later this year.

March’s Families, Create! challenge was filled with awesome animal-themed posts. From Mo Willems to monkey finger puppets, our writers and crafters kept busy getting creative with the little animals in their lives.

Visit Code Name: Mama and Living Peacefully with Children to find out how you can participate in the next Families, Create! Carnival. Our April theme is “Fantasy” – childhood is a fascinating time, filled with magic around every corner. What can your family imagine and create?

Please take time to read the March submissions by the other carnival participants:

  • Lizz at Am I a Funny Girl turns a family outing at the zoo into a picture book to keep.
  • Maman A Droit shares her easy pattern for a felt monkey finger puppet with you!
  • Aunalise at My Sweet Potatoes offers helpful ways for a child to remember calming techniques with a “Calming your Beast” basket.
  • Most of us have monkeys running around our house at times. Or lions. Or elephants. Make your child’s creative animal play even better with stuffed animal tails! Dionna at Code Name: Mama shares an easy tutorial.
  • Galit Breen at These Little Waves shares an easy way to get creative with Mo Willems’ “We Are In A Book.”
  • Maman A Droit shares her pattern for a felt bunny finger puppet-a perfect Easter basket filler!
  • Brenna at Almost All The Truth shares a look at butterflies through metaphor, books and a coffee filter craft.
  • Amy at Anktangle shares photographs of crocheting a lovable stuffed turtle for her son to play with.
  • Aunalise at My Sweet Potatoes knows a few ways to bring beneficial birds to the garden.
  • Lauren at Hobo Mama has a fun and easy game to make to stimulate your preschooler’s memory.
  • Aunalise at My Sweet Potatoes is making nature bags or field bags for nature journals and the other things we may need as we explore our planet.

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  1. We haven’t really gotten into them yet because I think they’re still a choking hazard (my son is not yet two), but I remember liking them a lot when I was little enough to do crafts in Sunday School and Girl Scouts!

  2. Between this post and your coffee filter butterflies, I think I’ll have to add a pack of pipe cleaners to our crafting stash! These are so cute!

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