Insulated Bags

As a low supply mom, we use Lact-Aids (LAs) to supplement while nursing. It’s much easier for me to keep an insulated bag packed with LAs so that we cna nurse whenever and wherever we need. At first I had some commercial bags that I purchased. However, those do not wash very well and eventually they would become unusable. One day I found that the size I liked was no longer being carried in stores. A friend gave me an insulated bag that she had received in the hospital (those horrible breastfeeding support bags). It worked perfectly but still had the issue of not washing well. I was able to get by for quite a while with bags given to me.

I finally sat down last month and made my own. I was able to use some of the more expensive fun contemporary fabrics I normally can’t justify to myself. The inside is lined with PUL and is not tacked down at the bottom so I can pull it out to wipe down or to aid in the washing machine (fully machine washable!). Two layers of Insul-Brite keep the contents cool with a small ice pack. Aplix closures make for easy opening and closing.

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