Felted Sweater Diaper Covers

I made these little wool newborn diaper covers for a friend from felted wool sweaters. Part way through cutting out the first, I remembered why we don’t have any wool in our house. I pushed to finish six before I was too miserable to work with the wool anymore.

I hope they work. I have no experience with wool covers. I made all of our diapers as AIOs or pocket diapers with PUL outers.

One thought on “Felted Sweater Diaper Covers

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  1. Hey, I made some of these for Kellan and they have served us pretty well. I had to sew an extra layer on the spot where he pees the most, but they have kept pretty dry. Once I added the extra layer, we used them overnight with no leaks! They don’t last as long as I’d hoped. I’ve already tossed one pair, but I’m not so sure I care for them super well either….

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