Steam and Sorcery

Steam & Sorcery (Gaslight Chronicles, #1)

The elements of Cindy Spencer Pape’s Steam & Sorcery have the potential for a wonderful book. Light steampunk is smoothly incorporated into the intriguing themes of descendants of the knights of the Round Table and superntural creatures and abilities. Well developed characters draw easily into the story. Add in a charming, handsome, and compassionate hero and a strong female lead, and the potential rises. A feminist aunt and a well stated call for human rights and against age discrimination appeals to the very heart of me. With that set up, the book didn’t deliver what it could have. Focus on the romance detracted from further story development. Instead of becoming a fast hit, I rank it as an easy going read which is nice rather than fantastic.

Disclaimer: A copy of the book was provided by the publisher.

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