Yarn Bombing

We recently participated in a yarn bombing. Yarn bombing is a non-destructive form of artistic expression, aka graffiti. While participants are usually not prosecuted, it is usually considered illegal. Our yarn bombing was done at the request of one of the local library systems as part of their summer reading program kick-off. While I have my own views on the merit behind summer reading programs, participating in the yarn bombing was fun. I made several pieces that went into the yarn bombing and we showed up late due to unforeseen circumsatnces to help finish sewing it onto the tree.

No trees were harmed in the yarn bombing. The pieces were all made to stretch and allow air circulation for the tree. Hopefully it will be left up for a while. It looks very cool in person. Someone even made this giant praying mantis sitting on a tree limb.

I’d like to participate in a few more of these sanctioned yarn bombings. Although, I would also love to surprise some people by decorating their trees.

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