Taking a Break

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I’m taking a break….a break from people who think that sharing how our family does something is a reflection on how they do something. It’s not. At the end of the day, I have to face my ideals, my values, my thoughts, and my actions. I’m hard on myself. I’m extremely hard on myself and am constantly evaluating myself. Frankly, that is a hefty responsibility and anyone who thinks I would even think about taking on the responsibility of someone else (and their values and actions) is sorely mistaken.

I’m taking a break…from people who think it is wrong to share information with others in referrals of non-religious businesses which advertise religious information or practices. Not everyone wants to go to a business where someone is going to push their religion or other agenda, regardless of whether or not the person shares that agenda.

I’m taking a break…from people who think that asking for an all-inclusive event to remain an all-inclusive event rather than being called by some sort of specific holiday or religion is wrong. There is a difference between a religious of holiday affiliated event or activity in which all are welcome and an all-inclusive event or activity in which people are all celebrated. Being all-inclusive doesn’t mean censorship. It means being cognizant that your beliefs are not the only ones and being respectful of all others.

I’m taking a break…from agreeing to help or offering to help do things or organize things for people who don’t appreciate the effort or intent. My time is valuable, and I can’t expend that energy on people who can’t, don’t, or won’t appreciate it anymore. I need to take care of myself. I will follow through on any current obligations. The book and products reviews I’ve agreed to are coming after this break, along with more of my own reflections and philisophical thoughts from my head.

I’m taking a break… from people who claim to feel judged when I avoid them or discussing certain things around them because they have expressed disapproval of me or my beliefs. I’m taking a break from people who would rather go on believing their pre-conceived mis-conceptions rather than talking to others to find out more information or to clarify something.

I’m taking a break…from people who expect more from others than themselves and who aren’t willing to recognize when someone else gives of themself in order to facilitate a deeper respect of all.

I’m taking a break… from people I once thought of as friends who turned out to be otherwise. I don’t have the energy to be the full support for another person who needs someone all of the time to hold them up. I also don’t have the energy for a person who needs people to fawn over them or make them feel better about themselves. My good friends are ones who know I’m there if they need them and are there if I need them. We can go a month or two in between seeing each other and still pick up. In some cases, we can go years without seeing each other and know that our friendship still exists. They don’t expect to spend all day everyday at my house and they don’t expect me to leave my family every week to go hang out with them or plan all of our family’s activities with them. They don’t put conditions on our friendship and neither do I.

I’m taking a break…from feeling the need to stand up for those less fortunate, as others have done for me, to fight for equal rights and respect for all regardless of age, race, beliefs, religion, affiliation, or gender. Well, I’m at least taking a break from actively advocating for equal rights. I don’t think I’ll ever stop feeling the need to stand up for others.

I’m taking a break. Breaks are good. They help facilitate reflection – both inner and outer. They allow us to recharge when we feel disheartened or depleted. They allow us to reframe our reference. They allow us to grow – sometimes away, sometimes closer, sometimes just for the sake of growing, after times of conflict. Breaks are healing.

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  1. wow. I can’t claim to know exactly what this means, but I hope you understand that not everyone is like this. Many people, myself included, choose not engage. Sometimes this only allows the negative Nellies to express themselves.

  2. I just want to let you know that I truly appreciate all that you share as well as the time and commitment that goes into it. I am glad to hear you are taking some time to nurture yourself and reset some boundaries. I look forward to more from you when you feel able.

  3. I don’t know what all your going through, but I do understand everything your talking about in this post. It seems this past week I have been running into posts all over that really speak to me. Thank you for sharing with us.

  4. I respect you and your decision. I hope your break gives you peace and healing. This post was meant for me to see. I had not opened your blog, just guessing a little spirit (probably one of the 3 little males that reside here) pushed the right buttons for me to see this. Thinking of you.

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