Mouse Fairy Ornament

This little mouse ornament was the first item I made with an official knitting pattern last Winter. I saw it and knew I wanted it on our Solstice tree.

My favorite uncle used to call me Rat, and I called him Uncle Rat. It was a reference to Robert O’Brien’s  Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh, the fact that I had my nose buried in a book at a precociously young age, and my nose wiggling abilities.

We used to look for little mouse and rat related items for one another. When he found out I was getting married, he began sending me an item every couple of weeks. He died a few days before my wedding. As I walked through the hall before the event, I saw a black Halloween cat trick or treat bucket sitting on the gift table with a rat tails sticking out of it – one marshmallow and one licorice. I knew it was from him, and I proceeded to cry.

So, this Solstice we will have a mouse to put on our tree in honor of my beloved Uncle Kenny.

Our theme for September’s Families, Create! Make and Play Carnival was friends and family. Our participants shared with us different ways in which they honored friends and family with their creativity. Check out what Families Create! participants created this month:

Amy at Anktangle made some new threads for her son Daniel’s little “friend.”

Alicia at I Found My Feet helped her son create his very own scrapbook filled with the people in his life that love him dearly.

Mandy at Living Peacefully with Children honors the memory of a favorite uncle with an ornament for the holidays.

Brenna at Almost All The Truth shares what she learned when she unplugged with her family on a trip to enjoy togetherness and tradition.

Dionna at Code Name: Mama loves to welcome friends and family into her home, and she’s even more excited now that her family has created a new and improved living space – check out one of the many home improvement projects going on at Dionna’s house!

Please join us for October’s Families Create! Make and Play challenge. This month’s theme is Phizzwizzers!

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