Fish Hat

My four year old had a difficult time deciding on the perfect hat. He had originally settled on a crown hat, and even picked out blue and yellow yarn for it. After further contemplation, what he really and truly wanted was some type of animal hat. When I showed him the pattern for this fish hat, he was hooked (pun intended). We decided to go ahead and use the yarn we had purchased, giving him a nice blue and yellow fish. He is rather thrilled with having a fish hat try to swallow his head, and it fits his personality perfectly. I have a feeling this hat may be going to college with him someday.

This post was submitted as part of the Families Create! Make and Play Challenge.

Our theme for October’s Families, Create! Make and Play Carnival was phizzwhizzers. Our participants shared with us the odd and out of the ordinary, the dreams we aspire to, and the individuality that makes them unique.

Check out what Families Create! participants created this month:

Brenna at Almost All The Truth creates the dreams of dreamers with her children with a little help from Roald Dahl.

Mandy at Living Peacefully with Children found the perfect fish hatto make for one of her phizzwhizzing children.

It’s Little House on the Prairie complete with modern plumbing, cell phones, and video games. Mary and Laura would surely find Kieran’s imagination to be full of phizzwhizzers! Dionna at Code Name: Mama shares how her son (Kieran) combines pioneer play with today’s conveniences.

A new birthday tradition evolved at Living Peacefully with Children when Mandy and her daughter worked on a funky pinkalicious cake.

Please join us for November’s Families Create! Make and Play challenge. This month’s theme is Rhymes and Verse!

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