100 Things For Which I’m Thankful

This post is part of The Gratitude Challenge hosted by Let’s Take the Metro.

Around this time of year, posts of gratitude start cropping up.  It’s a time to be thankfulfor things. It isn’t as though people aren’t thankful during other times of the year. Our focus is merely amplified during this season, as harvests are finished and we are faced with the long winter ahead. Rather than thining it cliche to post about gratitude, I prefer to think that people are thinking about others and reflecting about their lives. It’s a much better focus, in my opinion, than fictional stories of Thanksgivings past.

So today, as my family kicks off our Halcyon celebrations, I’d like to share a few things of which I am grateful:

  1. Love – it makes everything worthwhile
  2. Financial Security – having money to buy necessities makes life much less stressful
  3. My husband – I’m married to a wonderful man
  4. Breastfeeding – makes a healthier mom and child
  5. Our home – it’s nice to have a roof over our heads and a warm place to go
  6. Good friends – Friends are the family we choose
  7. Books – full of knowledge and adventure
  8. The Sun – providing light and heat, begetting all life on our planet
  9. Snuggling under warm blankets with my loved ones
  10. My older son – kind and compassionate, I look forward to seeing the man he will become
  11. My older daughter – creative and instinctual, she will hold her own in the world
  12. My younger son – with such a strong sense of ethics, he will be an advocate for others
  13. My younger daughter – joyful and energetic, she keeps me on my toes
  14. The volunteers at the Natural Parents Network – a great group of people that are wonderful to work with and know
  15. My mother – from whom I learned much and I miss greatly
  16. My grandmothers – whose struggles and achievements over generations allowed me to be
  17. Science – which allows us to learn how things work
  18. Separation of church and state – which allows us all to believe or not believe whatever we want without dictation
  19. The quiet at the end of the day when everyone else is asleep and I can reflect on my day
  20. A good hair stylist who can give me a great haircut requiring that I do nothing to it, even when I don’t see her for 9 months
  21. Meditation – while I don’t do it often enough, it’s very calming
  22. Maturity – it adds to wisdom
  23. Birth choices – because birth is an intimate experience which shouldn’t be dictated by someone else
  24. Ring slings – my go to baby carrier most of the time
  25. The family bed – which has given us more sleep, kept us connected, and kept our children safe and taken care of
  26. Non-violent communication – allowing more effective communication and connection within our family and with others
  27. Acceptance and those who show it – embracing those who are different
  28. Advocates – without whom we wouldn’t have many of the rights we enjoy
  29. Hikes – communing with nature
  30. Dogoba chocolate mint lip balm – my favorite little pick me up
  31. Knowledge – I can never get enough
  32. Privileges – we normally take these for granted but without those who have stood up before us, we would never have had them
  33. Community – for support when you need it
  34. Car seats – better car seats and greater knowledge about extended rear-facing and harnessing and boosters to keep my children safe
  35. Back carriers – for getting more things done and wearing two children at a time
  36. Unfamily get togethers – because sometimes extended family sucks and friends can fill that gap
  37. Authors – who not only write awesome books but give them to me free to read and review
  38. 13 years of marriage and more to come
  39. Internet – a convenient way to plan co-ops, field trips, get togethers with friends, and share with family
  40. Sense of sight – allowing me to see colors and the faces of my beautiful children
  41. Sense of sound – allowing me to smell, from flowers to food to the scents of my family
  42. Sense of touch – for hugs and caresses
  43. Rain – aiding growth and making a wonderful backdrop for staying inside
  44. Snow – for sledding and ice cream, snowballs and forts
  45. Diversity – making life delightful and more resilient
  46. Kind strangers – brightening someone’s day by helping out
  47. Challenges – helping me to grow as a person
  48. Staying home with my children – so that I can watch them learn and grow into themselves
  49. Unschooling – an amazing process to live and an amazing process to watch
  50. Chiropractic care – from a good chiropractor
  51. Mistakes – for a chance to model humility and forgiveness
  52. Seasons – marking the passage of time
  53. Public Lands – an attempt to protect the Earth and remind us that it isn’t ours, regardless of what section to which we may lay claim
  54. Hot showers – which feel so good
  55. Photographs – so that I may look back
  56. Art – for self-expression
  57. Music – invoking the soul
  58. Lact-Aids – which enable me to nurse my children
  59. sticks – some of the best toys around
  60. Libraries – free use of so many books
  61. Time – a resource not to be squandered
  62. Intactivism – a fight for genital integrity
  63. Aunts – who step in from far away to act as stand-in grandmothers for my children
  64. Hot teas – which I have only recently come to appreciate
  65. Recognition – having someone recognize that we have done something rather than judging what we have done
  66. Sex – whether long love making after the kids are in bed or quickies stolen in the shower
  67. Grass – a place to play
  68. Trees – for sheltering and climbing
  69. Treasures – magical collections shared with me by my children
  70. A decluttered life – freeing
  71. Math – showing how everything fits
  72. Pregnancy – for the feel of my little ones before they were born
  73. Toddler antics – which keep you young
  74. Childhood wonder – reminding us of what is truly important
  75. The question why? – informing and aiding in understanding
  76. E-readers – which I never thought I’d say
  77. Laptops – for working close to the kids
  78. Experience gifts – no clutter and all the fun
  79. Diet soda – my one occassional vice, which I may one day say goodbye to for good
  80.  Food – nourishment and enjoyments
  81. Yoga – stretching and exercise
  82. Rubber ducks in my bath – because someone small is putting them there
  83. Boardgames – for family game night
  84. Learning – it’s never a waste
  85. Mountains – cementing one’s small place in a large world while giving spectacular views
  86. Freedom – to do what we choose
  87. Journeys – giving us purpose
  88. Socks that fit just right – yes, I have sock issues
  89. Land – growing up on a farm and the freedom that entailed, something I’d like to give my children
  90. Men and children – there is nothing sexier than a man taking care of and playing with his kids
  91. The progression of jokes as your children age – they make you groan, laugh, and smile all at once
  92. ASL – minimizing the frustration of my children before they could speak
  93. The eyes of my children – so that I can rediscover and learn more
  94. Sunsets and sunrises – beautiful new beginnings
  95. Hope – sometimes it’s what gets me through
  96. A sense of humor – which makes life more enjoyable
  97. History – which has made me what I am today
  98. Future possibilities – which will continue to mold me
  99. Change – new possibilities, new growth, a fresh scene
  100. My close knit little family – strong, supportive, and there for one another

2 thoughts on “100 Things For Which I’m Thankful

Add yours

  1. By far my favorite on your list (they all were wonderful of course!) was the question “Why?”. Oh my, why? Why? WHY? haha that’s all I hear all day long and I must admit it often drives me nuts. Thank you for inspiring me to look at this as a positive and not a negative!
    I am convinced this has been the best blog challenge ever 🙂

  2. I believe you were the first person I saw use ‘sex’ on the list, so good for you!! I relished in the intensity and thoughtfulness of your whole list and really enjoyed reading it. Thank you so much for participating and sharing all of this thankfulness.

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