Balloon Count Down for the New Year

This morning my children came into the living room and found balloons taped to the wall, all with times written on them. There are 12, beginning at 11 AM. Each hour, on the hour, they are popping a balloon to discover the secret activity inside. So far, it’s been a blast. I ended it at 10 AM, as my yongets may fall asleep before 11 PM and I didn’t want a popping balloon to wake her up. If the others are still awake then, we’ll watch the ball drop on the East coast (I miss living back there), and of course, we’ll celebrate at midnight with anyone who is still awake.

2 thoughts on “Balloon Count Down for the New Year

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  1. What an awesome idea! I am all about coming up with fun family traditions, but I couldn’t think of anything not food related for New Year’s Eve. I bet your kids loved this!

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