Sheldon, the Knitted Turtle

My decision to knit a turtle last Fall was followed a couple of days later by my 4 year old’s announcement that turtles were cool and he wouldn’t mind having a toy turtle. The idea grew in my mind but it wasn’t until the week before Yule that I finally got around to knitting this cute little guy. He stretched my fiber skills, as the pattern called for some crocheting to attach the pieces of the removable shell together. My traumatic childhood memories of my grandmother trying to teach me to crochet at the age of 4 with her giant rings on my fingers were quickly combated by a simple online tutorial. Who knew? Then, because I didn’t want to buy DPNs (double pointed needles) and running my long cable needle through each time to make a decorative I-cord around the shell was taking forever, I improvised with a decorative crochet sticth which may or may not exist in the rest of the world. I think he turned out rather well, and he has been a popular hit with the kids.

You can find the pattern for Sheldon for free on Knitty. Patterns on Ravelry also show cute little accessories such as a cowboy outfit, a pirate outfit, superhero shell, and more.

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