Science Themed Cookie Cakes

I post these at the risk of having these pictures end up on some blog such as Cake Wrecks. I needed to come up with some gifts for my husband’s group members last December. Gift certificates weren’t fitting in the budget but I needed something substantial. I ended up doing science themed cookie cakes for everyone, personalized based on what each member works with: an atom, a double helix (DNA), a flask for prep work, helium, and a caffeine molecule.

The kids and I showed up at their weekly group meeting as the special guests, delivering juice and bagels for the meeting and handing out the cookie cakes for everyone. I never imagined how well they would be received.

One thought on “Science Themed Cookie Cakes

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  1. Those are awesome! I can only imagine the recipient’s delight at being gifted a personalized cookie cake. What a fun gift!

    It’s a good thing I was inspired to make chocolate chip cookies today (and have one with me now) or I’d be hungry for cookies all of a sudden.

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