Natural Wooden Toys

Natural Wooden Toys: 75 Easy-to-Make and Kid-Safe Designs to Inspire Imaginations & Creative Play

In a time of rushing about, many parents are looking toward natural wooden toys for their children, free of toxic chemicals, flashing lights, and obnoxious sounds. Studies have shown that simple toys encourage more creative play from children, making simple wooden toys or handmade cloth desirable. For many, the cost of lovely wooden toys is prohibitive and making the toys is a daunting idea for individuals without any wood working experience.

In her book Natural Wooden Toys: 75 Easy-to-Make and Kid-Safe Designs to Inspire Imaginations & Creative Play, Erin Freuchtel-Dearing has broken down the process of making your own wooden toys, from tool selection to natural dyes and sealing. With full color illustrations and numerous patterns which can be copied and used, the book is a great resource for non-wood workers who would like to make simple wooden toys for children. Waldorf education and philosophy are mentioned briefly toward the beginning of the book but the designs and information are applicable to anyone with a desire to make natural toys.

Disclaimer: A copy of this book was provided by the publisher. 

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  1. Nothing sounds sweeter to me than listening to my granddaughters as they laugh and play with the wooden dollhouse that their Mother and Aunts played with when they were children. Now we are spending time also building new wooden furniture to add to their pleasure while they play. It is wonderful to help children nurture their imaginations and natural creative tendencies.

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