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I’ve been checking out houses on Realtor.com a lot lately. Part of it is reconnassiance: checking out how much house you get around the country, what is available, how much land we can expect to purchase, etc. Part of it is fun. Part of it is to be prepared. We purchased this house 7 1/2 years ago. It has been a good house for us. it was in our price range and needed the least amount of work. That being said, being move in ready does not mean it didn’t need any work. There were some things that needed fixed, as all houses have, and other cosmetic issues which we have taken care. It is not, however, the house – the house that is perfect for our family, has a lay out that we love, has the space that we will need as the kids get bigger, and is our style.

2009 Showcase Home on Park Alley traditional kitchen

When we purchase our next house, I want it to be as close to the house as possible. Given an unlimited budget, that would be easy. Given reality and a one income household with four children, I have to rely on myself and my magical DIY powers to make the next house into the house.

I tend to know what I like when I see it. Our taste has changed as we have matured, had children, had more children, and had older children (the term older being relative). While I can visualize the way I want something, it helps to have some inspiration. Inspiration in the form of pictures is also beneficial for my husband, who has a difficult time visualizing what I am talking about.

traditional family room by S.A.N Design Group, Inc.
traditional family room by S.A.N Design Group, Inc.

Pinterest is always a source, but it has its limitations. It relies on what other people have posted, most of whom are not designers and may have wildly different taste. Everything you pin is visible to the general public, complete with their ability to comment on yoru pictures and taste. I was excited when I saw Houzz. Along the lines of Pinterest, you can make your own free ideabook, full of all of your fabulous ideas. You can upload your own photos that you love, or better yet, browse the wonderful collection they have from top designers for your remodels. Certainly, there are products that you can purchase, but for the DIY person, the site is an eye candy delight. Browse by style or room. Did I mention they have organization?

My research, organized, craft, planning self has just found a new love. Ideabook here we come!

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  1. you’ve definitely got some diy powers for making your next house THE house. I imagine that adding your own diy-ness will make it all the more perfect for your family. Happy dreaming!

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