Through Adversity We Grow

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Photo by Lindsay Sorenson

Change doesn’t just happen. At least, change doesn’t just happen without a reason. There is always a reason for everything (how many times have I said that in my life?). There must be a catatylist that triggers a change, whether positive or negative.

Sometimes that catalyst will be something out of our control; we must adapt in relationship to something else that has changed in order to survive, live peacefully, etc. Other times we act as our own catalyst, pushing ourselves to new limits, searching for different viewpoints or information which will challenge our own thoughts and experiences, resulting in change and growth in our journey.

Whatever the catalyst, whether negative or positive in origin, we own the resulting change. We can fight change, refusing to acknowledge or accept it as an opportunity, or we can embrace change, viewing it as growth potential. We don’t grow, in our careers, in our relationships, in our personhoods, or as parents while floating along stagnant. We grow when we push ourselves to new limits, examine our beliefs for fallacy, and challenge ourselves to make changes which we feel better support our decisions. Adversity leads to growth.

I constantly evaluate my thoughts and beliefs and search out information. Those times when I find myself at odds with an idea, with situations, or with the people I love? That’s when I remind myself that it is times like those that facilitate the greatest growth in myself as a person. I can fight against the change, or I can embrace the opportunity and direct myself to a positive outcome.


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11 thoughts on “Through Adversity We Grow

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  1. Well said! 🙂 I like the idea of self-edcuating for the purpose of attaining a broader mindset. I think a broad mind and greater understanding can lead to being less at odds with ideas, people and situations who differ from our current perception.

  2. “There is always a reason for everything.” Love and hate that concept usually at the same time! I really like that you brought up the fact that whether change happens to us or we are the catalyst, that we in fact OWN the resulting change. Change, good or bad, will result in growth. There is just no way to remain stagnant after change.

    Very insightful post! Thanks for taking the time to share this reminder and for participating in our first Carnival!

  3. I’ve realised with myself that when I am the most stubborn about an idea is when I need to force myself to look at different perspectives the most. It’s like my mind naturally goes into resist mode when I come across new info that could be that exact catalyst. The brain loves the familiar after all! When I allow myself to relax and ponder with an open-mind it does not seem so scary and I grow from it as a person.

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