I am Mom! Enough! – Call for Blog Carnival Submissions

Mandy from Living Peacefully With Children and Jennifer from Hybrid Rasta Rama are pleased to announce the I Am Mom! Enough! Carnival.
The recent Time Magazine article on attachment parenting took the world by storm. Although Time surely did not set out to intentionally create a greater parenting divide, the article unfortunately did just that. Parenting wars have erupted all over the world. There has been mudslinging, complete and utter disrespect, name calling, belittling, and lots and lots of condemnation for parenting practices.
Parenting wars need to end. Hate and discrimination against breastfeeding mothers of children of all ages needs to end. Judging one family’s parenting approach when you have not walked in their shoes needs to end. Enough is enough!
Please join us in a Carnival dedicated to empowering ALL parents who practice and promote a peaceful, loving, attachment parenting philosophy. Help us show the critics and the naysayers that attachment parenting is beautiful, uplifting, and unbelievably beneficial and NORMAL! Help us fight back against the backlash from the Time article. Help us support the mothers who bared all as part of the photo shoot.
The I Am Mom! Enough! Carnival is wide open insofar as topics are concerned. We simply want to hear from you!
Here are some topic suggestions:
  • What is your personal reaction to the Time article? The photo?
  • What is your response to the public reaction to the article and photo?
  • What was your family/extended family’s reaction?
  • Do you practice or support extended breastfeeding?  Share your thoughts or some factual information about the benefits of extended breastfeeding.
  • Talk about attachment parenting (AP) – all of it or one aspect of it? What does AP look like in your family?
  • Share your thoughts on parenting in today’s world. Why is there such a great divide? How can we bridge this?
  • Suggest some ways to go about respectfully supporting other parents in their journey instead of getting into parenting wars over whose method is right.
  • Give us some statistics on AP. Help others see the benefits of this style of parenting.
  • Discuss how AP is really for everyone and not just SAHM’s, a certain ethnic group, a certain income level, etc…
  • Parenting is a personal decision and one family’s approach does not invalidate another family’s approach. Share your thoughts on this idea.
  • Take on AP from a feminist viewpoint! Many women think that this inflammatory magazine issue, purposely insighting mommy wars, being published right now isn’t coincidental at a time when women are losing legal rights. Your thoughts?
  • And of course – run with the Carnival title. I Am Mom! Enough!
  • Not much of a writer or not sure what to say?  Share your photos! Show us your child(ren) breastfeeding. And go ahead…get creative! Do you own Time photo shoot!
Remember, these are just our thoughts and idea to get your creative juices flowing.
Submissions Deadline: Thursday, May 24, 2012, 11:59 p.m. Pacific time.
Fill out the webform (at the bottom of this post) and email your submission to: 

hybridrastamama {at} hotmail {dot} com
livingpeacefullywithchildren {at} gmail {dot} com
Carnival date: Monday, May 28, 2012.

Before you post, we will send you an email with a little blurb in html to paste into your submission that will introduce the carnival. You will publish your post on May 28th before 9am PST and email us the link if you haven’t done so already. Once everyone’s posts are published, we will send out a finalized list of all the participants’ links to generate lots of link love for your site. We’ll include full instructions in the email we send before the posting date.

A few housekeeping items:
  1. Please write a new, previously unpublished post for the carnival.
  2. We will email you with specific instructions on posting before carnival day.
  3. Please do not post your article until the carnival date.
  4. We reserve the right to accept submissions based on relevance to the topic and quality of writing. We will NOT accept posts that go against the tenants of attachment parenting.
  5. Please refrain from using profanity, poor spelling and grammar, and vicious personal attacks.
  6. We will NOT be editing your post so please proofread and run a spelling and grammar check.
In addition to the Carnival, Jen from Monkey Butt Junction will be hosting a linky party designed to support everyone who has already written a post(s) related to the Time article. The linky will go live on Monday, May 28th at 6:00amEST and will stay open until Friday, June 1, 2012. We encouraged you to not only link up your previously published posts but also any post you submit as part of the Carnival.

Copy the I Am Mom! Enough! badge code and add it to your blog sidebar:

We are so looking forward to reading all the contributions for the I Am Mom! Enough! Carnival as well as seeing posts that are linked up through the linky party!
If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us:
hybridrastamama {at} hotmail {dot} com 

livingpeacefullywithchildren {at} gmail {dot} com

Mandy, Jennifer, and Jen

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  1. Also, I don’t mean to be a bother, but May 28th is a US federal holiday, Memorial Day, if you think that would affect participation.

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