Winners: Natural Newborn Give Away

We have two winners for the Natural Newborn products. Congratulations to Amy and Amie K! They have both been e-mailed regarding their entries.


The Natural Newborn was born in an effort to help other families with skin issues or who want to avoid harsh chemicals. The business has grown since its inception. In addition to offering products for infants and toddler such as Diaper Defense CreamSoft Baby Wash, and Soft Baby Lotion, products for older children were added such as Children’s Shampoo and Hair Detangler. For the whole family, there are products like Bug Stopper Spray and Vapor Rub. We moms also tend to take care of everyone else, often forgetting about ourselves. The Natural Newvorn has us covered with all-natural spa products such Hand and Body Lotion, Intense Foot Cream (super moisturizing and refreshing), and Brown Sugar Facial (which is just a little delight for your face and also makes a fantastic lip scrub). I have to admit, having tried a lot of the products, they ROCK!

As a side note, due to someone trying to manipulate the entry process, I’m going to have to re-evaluate how I do give-aways in the future. Please be honest and respectful to both the companies and bloggers who offer give-aways.

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