Authentic Parenting Blog Carnival – November 2012 Call for Submissions

Contemplating Gratitude

I’m happy to announce that beginning in November 2012, Living Peacefully with Children will be teaming up with Laura at Authentic Parenting to co-host the Authentic Parenting Blog Carnival.

With winter coming in and various holidays looming, we wanted to take this carnival to take a look at the traditions our families hold, new or old, and at how we express gratitude. Gratitude can be the window to inner happiness. We invite you to share what you are grateful for or how you are helping your children discover gratitude and giving thanks. We also invite you to share about any family traditions you have in your family, how and why they started or about a new tradition you started this year.


Feeling inspired?

Please fill out the form below and send your full text to mamapoekie {at} yahoo {dot} com and mandy {at} livingpeacefullywithchildren {dot} com  Submission deadline is November 23rd. All posts should go live on November 30th.

We look forward to reading all of your posts and want to share our gratitude for the community we see through our fellow bloggers. May you all have wonderful family time during the upcoming winter and holiday season. We will be taking the month of December off to spend some time with family, but we hope you will join us once again in 2013 for another year of Authentic Parenting!


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