Homemade Peeps for the Practical Mom

I have a confession. I like Peeps. Honestly, I think it mainly has something to do with the fact that my mother and I used to share them. Some people can’t help but buy candy corn in October. I can’t help but buy Peeps in March. It’s a sad state. When I first began buying them, I could buy two packages for $1. They slowly went up in price until a few years ago when they began jumping in price and changing the package to a smaller size. Seriously? They want me to pay $2 for approximately 10 marshmallows?

After going without last year, I decided that this year, the kids and I would make our own. We would make them with our own delicious marshmallow recipe, free from high fructose corn syrup and whatever else it is that makes Peeps addicting. I saw a tutorial online and it looked easy.

The kids colored sugar and spread some out on a baking sheet.

 We made our marshmallow cream, making certain to beat it in the mixer for a really long time. Then we put it into a wax paper icing tube (yes, I make my own out of wax paper), and proceeded to pipe out cute little birds. Said cute little birds then proceeded to slowly spread out, resembling blobs. At that point, I tried on a chirpy little voice (the birds weren’t chirping) and stated, “Square Peeps will taste just as good!” We then spread out the remaining cream on the sugar, coated it with more sugar, and waited for it to set up before cutting it into squares and then dipping the edges in the sugar. Yes, just reading that makes my stomach hurt.

I have to say that they are good. Frankly, the kids stated that they were much better than real Peeps. No high fructose corn syrup and a fraction of the price!

If you are looking for a more authentic Peep, try leaving them  out uncovered, or as happened at my house, let the kids get some out of the bowl and have them forget to recover the marshmallows. They will dry out a bit, giving you that fresh from the package staleness with a crunchy outside.

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