The Best Breast Cancer Awareness

The Best Breast Cancer Awareness at Natural Parents Network

Natural Parents Network: The Best Breast Cancer AwarenessI have a post today at Natural Parents Network about “The Best Breast Cancer Awareness.”

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, as espoused from every company wanting to make a buck. It seems everywhere you turn in October, someone has a pink ribbon slapped on a pink product, as though buying such a product does anything to help prevent breast cancer. The truth is that very little of the money spent on pink products actually goes toward breast cancer research.

Rather than sporting little pink ribbons on everything from Campbell’s soup cans to NFL uniforms, garnering too few funds which won’t even impact research for today’s women, we could be running an educational campaign about lifestyle practices that could actually impact the women of today and the women of tomorrow.

The greatest thing that women can do to significantly reduce their risk of breast cancer is to breastfeed.

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Photo Credit: Hamish Darby

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