the frenchwoman in war-time…

I came across this propaganda poster in a museum one time. It took me a while to track it down. I knew it had a picture of a woman breastfeeding and that it was from WWI. I eventually found it at HistoryNYC. I love the poster. It speaks to me as a woman and mother. The solidarity between the women, regardless of occupation, is encompassing. There is no debate between women who are working away from home and those at home caring for children. All are vital to society. There is no question that women were vital to war efforts and that they played an active role. I also love that the French government was promoting breastfeeding at a time when the US was pushing formula and separation from mothers on infants, resulting in drastically reduced breastfeeding rates that still plague us today.

To my dear husband…a framed copy of this print would make a fabulous Mother’s Day gift.


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