the yolk of the matter…

Up until last month, I had never hard-boiled eggs. Yes, I can hear the gasps. How did I ever manage to make it to adulthood without learning to hard-boil eggs? Yes, I know how to cook. I’ve been told I cook quite well and especially turn out fabulous desserts. Hard-boiled eggs just never made it on the list. Growing up, we only had hard-boiled eggs at special occassions. As an adult, it was never a priority. Whenever we needed hard-boiled eggs, I would just wait for my husband to make them.

Now, I often become frustrated with my husband for deciding that he can’t do something or needs my help in order to do a simple task. I have a hard time understanding why he doesn’t just get in and do it, and I admit I’m not the most pateint person during these times. For instance, my husband doesn’t think he can make pancakes. This boggles my mind. He loves to cook, and he is a chemist. I can’t fathom why he can’t just follow the recipe.

Then, one day last month, I realized that while I don’t vocalize it, this is essentially the same thing I have been doing with hard-boiled eggs. So, I looked online to see how to make hard-boiled eggs. It’s incredibly easy and I have been making them a lot ever since. The kids like to eat them and they are great for salads.

I want to make a point of trying new things more often. I don’t want our children to fall in the trap of not trying something new and just letting someone else take care of it. I want to model how I hope they will take on the world, immersing themselves in life experiences.

For those of you who haven’t tired making hard-boiled eggs:

  • Place your raw eggs in a single layer of a stock pot.
  • Add enough water to cover about an inch over the tops of the eggs.
  • Bring the water to boil over medium-high heat and boil for one minute. If you are using an electric stove top, you can then just turn off the heat.
  • Cover the pan and time it for 12 minutes.
  • Then cool with cold water.

It’s as simple as that. You should see lovely yellow yolks without the grey/green clor around the outside.

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