We’ve been making salads as side dishes a lot lately. Throw in some baby spinach and chop up an assortment of vegetables to go in it. Add some chopped hard-boiled eggs and cheese to the mix and then lightly toss with some healthy salad dressing. This is a great simple project for kids to help with during dinner preparation. Even with multiple children of varying ages, there is always something that someone can help with. It’s an easy way to make a tasty, healthy, inexpensive side dish with the kids. I can’t wait until later this Spring when we can start getting our vegetables from the farmers market instead of from the grocery store. I will say that I wasn’t adding the dressing to the salad to begin with, thinking it was better for everyone to add their own to their taste. However, after a few dressing accidents, I decided it might be easier for me to just add it when I toss the salad. That simplified things quite a bit.

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