planning daddy’s cake…

This year my children asked if they could plan their father’s birthday cake. I didn’t see any problem with this, although I did begin to wonder after they started throwing out possible ideas. They decided on a hockey rink theme. This went through many phases, but the end result turned out well, even with the insistence that we use 33 individual candles on the cake. The goals are made out of large marshmallows (not homemade this time – I wasn’t informed in enough time to make everything). The puck is a brown M&M, and the hockey players and refs are gummy bears. The kids didn’t seem to notice that there were no hockey sticks, which probably would have resulted in a second trip to the store for more supplies.


Candles can be a hazard when you get to this age. They are really bright and give off some nice heat. My husband joked that tiki torches might be a great way to light up a hockey rink. No gummy bears were harmed in the photographing of this cake, although there were many fatal casualties during the making and eating of it.

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