learning from my daughter…


She dances in the sunlight, red highlights glinting from her hair.

A smile emanates from her bright blue eyes and curving mouth.

She is beautiful, this little girl from my womb, with her alabaster skin and long limbs.

She plays hard, and her muscles strengthen each day.

I watch her growing taller; some day she will be as tall as I am.

She is secure and knows herself.

She looks forward to someday having babies and nursing them.

No one tells her that she is fat or ugly. She only knows that she is loved.

I watch in awe at this little person, hoping to learn from her and to heal the hurts of the past.

She is beautiful because she is herself.


This post is participating in the Body Image Carnival being hosted by Melodie at Breastfeeding Moms Unite! and MamanADroit who will be posting articles on themes pertaining to body image all week! Make sure you check out their blogs everyday between April 12-18 for links to other participants’ posts as well as product reviews, a giveaway, and some links to research, information and resources pertaining to body image.

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