mutual respect and cooperation…

A recipe for mutual respect and cooperation:

  • Children learn what they are living. Children who are treated with respect by their parents reciprocate that respect. Just as they are listened to, they also listen to others. When they are shown consideration, they in turn, show consideration for others.
  • Cooperate with one another. When parents cooperate with thier children, working with them to find mutually acceptable solutions, children are inclined to cooperate with their parents.
  • Value everyone’s needs equally. The needs of everyone in a family should be considered equally in order to meet everyone’s needs. There should be no discriminating factors when working toward finding solutions which work for everyone.
  • Examine your assumptions about others. As individuals, we all have our own thought processes, experiences, feelings, and needs. In order to be accepting of others and find out their true needs and feelings, we must be able to set our assumptions aside.
  • Develop and practice the seven keys at the core of respectful parenting: Parent with a purpose. See the needs behind every action. Create safety, trust, and belonging. Inspire giving. Use a language of respect. Learn together as you go. Make your home a no-fault zone.

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