play food swap…

This Winter, I was making a lot of play food to add to our stash with the plan to put it in my children’s Ostara baskets. I do like to plan ahead. While I tend to be able to make patterns and sew most things, yarn crafts hold a romantic fascination for me. Knitting and crocheting are two areas which I admire the craftmanship without really having any desire to participate. I tend to trade for my yarn craft needs. In order to share some of my play food and receive some other pieces from others, I organized another play food swap for March. we had a good turn out, with three separate groups of around 10 people. Hoping to get some good play food, I participated in all three groups, along with a couple of side swaps.

Here are a couple of the patchwork apples I did for one group:

One of the peaches from another group:

Some plums from the third group:

One of the bunches of grapes from a side swap:

We received a lot of great pieces of play food. I think the quality we received is better than it has been in previous years. I’m still waiting on a few more items, but here are some of my favorites:

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