bubble bath…

Bubble baths used to be one of my indulgences. Before having kids, I would take a book into the bath and soak away for a while. With kids, I don’t often get to do this. Within five minutes, someone will need something, even if it’s just to come in and sit in the same room. However, I try to do little things for myself. With all of the things that I am, I don’t want to forget that I am me. I occassionally attempt having a bubble bath, even if only for a few minutes.

Last Winter, I traded some items with a fantastically talented unschooling mama at Mama Take Me Away. I haven’t tried all of her products, but I give her solid bubble bath a solid two thumbs up. While chemically speaking, her bubble bath is a solid, I would refer to it as powdered bubble bath. The first time I used it, it didn’t seem to be making very many bubbles at first, so I ended up pouring in half of a tub. I learned my lesson that day. The bubble bath continues making bubbles until the water stops pouring in. A half tub gave a mountainous pile of bubbles that I had to wade through in order to get in the tub. Since then, I have just used a small sprinkling and had more than enough bubbles.

I remember using a box of powedered Mr. Bubble bubble bath as a kid. There is no comparison. The powder scratched and frankly, it didn’t smell very good (to be fair, I’m certain it was a very old box of bubble bath, but I remember it wasn’t very enjoyable). The solid bubble bath form Mama Take Me Away leaves a wonderful silky feeling on my skin. The scents are fabulous. I received choclate orange, almond, and pomegranate in our trade. I expected to prefer them in that order. I love chocolate and orange together and the almond was supposed to be for my husband. She threw in the pomegranate for an additional trade. I wasn’t certain what to think about the pomegranate until I received it and opened it. It smells so wonderful and is clearly my favorite of the three scents. I haven’t had the heart to use it yet, but I’ve opened the container and smelled it’s lovely aroma numerous times.

Solid Bubble Bath
You can now request now custom orders with any scent you want form her list. I can’t wait to order some more from her later this year. There are some scents I really want to try. They also make great gifts. I put some of these in my husband’s Yule stocking last year and plan to order some for the kids this year. I may even give some to extended relatives now that I know how great they are.

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