easy to love, difficult to discipline…

In her book Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline, Becky Bailey has written a resource which many parents can benefit from. She employs many non-violent communication techniques in her Seven Basic Skills for Turning Conflict into Cooperation in an easy to read format. Her focus on controling ourselves and modeling for our children through both our actions and words will make an impact on many parents.

While I wouldn’t consider this book to be consensual living, I might refer to it as consensual living lite. The repeated mention of misbehavior and emphasis on how to get your children to cooperate (and do what you want), along with the use of some punishment (referred to as imposed logical consequences) and praise (praising when you catch your child doing something you want them to) holds the concepts back. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing for the majority of individuals out there. The book is definitely a gentle parenting book and I would recommend it to anyone who isn’t quite on board with everything about consensual living but is looking for a book which is very gentle in discipline style.

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