elemental bronze…

This quilt went through several names before I settled on Elemental Bronze. It’s technically my first art quilt, and I used it to try out several different things. I made the entire quite from supplies I already had on hand. I was a little limited in some areas, so I had to be a bit creative. I am currently enamoured with the use of solid colors in contemporary quilt art. I found a few peices and went with this color combination. The circles are sewn on top with rough edges; it makes them fuzz up a bit when washed. I only had scraps of batting, so I pieced the batting pieces together. This was surprisingly easy to do, and I love the fact that I will never waste even a little bit of batting again. I used a combination of machine quilting and large hand quilting with embroidery floss in order to add some interest.

I can’t say that it is my favorite quilt, but I’m fairly pleased with how it turned out. While designing it, I was unsure whether it would be a wall hanging or a lap quilt. My orange loving son voted that it should be a lap quilt and my other children quickly agreed. They have so much fun playing with quilts.

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