Pie. There is nothing quite like a good pie. While cake can sit around our house until I have to toss it, pies are always eaten. As much as I enjoy pie, I used to rarely make any. I hate cutting in the flour to make the pie dough. I used to wait until I could convince my husband to do it. Then one day, after one of my children asked if we could make a pie, I happened to glance over at my Kitchen-Aid mixer. That’s when I made the realization that I could make pie dough with the whisk on my mixer. I haven’t looked back since. You can make pie crusts that are just as lovely and flaky with the mixer as you can by hand.

And yet, even with my new found prowess of mixer made pie dough, I still tended to stick with one crust pies. It’s rather depressing to cut into a beautiful homemade apple pie to find that the apples have cooked down even more during baking and the top crust was above half a pie of air. For years I stuck with the one crust pies and custards (pumpkin pie is technically a custard). Then I decided I would try lattice work instead of a top crust. It worked beautifully, and from then on, I had the courage to make fruit pies.

So, this weekend when my daughter asked if we could make a blueberry pie, I didn’t cringe at the thought of making pie dough. I didn’t balk at the idea of cutting into a fruit pie and finding the filling at half the volume. I smiled and said yes. The fork work along the crust edge is her design.

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