all the little horses…

My younger son loves horses, so when I happened across this lovely little pattern for felt horses, I knew I wanted to make them for his upcoming birthday. The fact that I had all of the supplies was an added bonus.


Upon receiving the pattern, I realized it called for wire in order to shape the legs. I’m not a fan of wire in toys. It tends to get bent, break, and poke out – not fun! I made the horses without wire, and they were looking rather bow-legged. A few extra stitches where the legs meet the belly fixed that problem. I had the horses finished minus the manes for a while. The directions for the manes were a little confusing for me and I really wasn’t digging it. Then a friend directed me to these instructions. I used a similar technique, and the manes came together. 

I know he’s going to love them. The giggling and jumping while I was making them were a certain sign that this little herd will be a hit.

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  1. These are so sweet! My mom grew up with horse-everything but she never had toys like this. (She kept everything so I’ve seen them all). I’m sure your son will love them.

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