stick horse…

Every little child who loves horses needs a stick horse. When I was a small child, my stick horse was an old broom handle my grandfather found in his garage, complete with the hole and leather throng still attached from where it used to hang on the wall. Stick horses have gotten a bit more complicated since then. In fact, I was hard-pressed to find a commercially made one that wasn’t electronic. There are a few, but if you want a basic stick horse, you really have to look these days.

Luckily, my penchant for homemade gifts led me to this stick horse pattern. I have to recommend it. The pattern is cute and customizable. Unlike many patterns, this one uses a T shape for the portion of the dowel rod in the head. I love that. It makes the stick horse much more durable. My younger son is receiving this for his third birthday and I have plans to make more as gifts. I even have plans to alter the pattern already for some other little people in my life.

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