When the topic of nursing in public comes up, the topic of sex inevitably follows. Anti-breastfeeding individuals liken breastfeeding to sex and claim enough is enough. Breastfeeding advocates claim that our society is over-sexed; breasts are lauded for their sexuality, plastered on billboards, used to sell beer and cars rather than their true purpose – their functionality.

Yes, breasts are sexual. It is possible to be functional and sexual at the same time. In fact, a person’s entire body is sexual. If someone is under the impression that breastfeeding is sexual and therefore taboo in public, I don’t agree that they are over-sexed. In fact, I would argue that they are under-sexed, because they seem to be wholly unaware of all of the wonderful sexual aspects of various other body parts which they see everyday.

If the idea of possibly seeing a body part which has dual functions bothers you, then a larger call to arms is in order. Don’t just target the breastfeeding mothers; go after anyone who uses any body part that holds dual functionality: mouths, hands, fingers, noses, ears, necks, eyelashes, arms, legs, feet, bellies, backs….the list goes on.

If your imagination doesn’t go that far or you think that’s too much, you may be just a little under-sexed. Frankly, assuming that breasts are sexual while other body parts aren’t just isn’t very creative on your part. So, we’ll make a deal. You won’t spout your ignorance about the functionality of breasts and the sexuality of other body parts. In turn, I will only use my breasts in public for the purpose of breastfeeding, and I won’t tell you about all of the other body parts I use to get my husband all hot and steamy.

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