Italian monkey bread…

Godfather’s Pizza has really good Italian monkey bread. We discovered this when we went there for my pizza-loving husband’s birthday. Buttery goodness with garlic and parmesan.

I made our first homemade Italian monkey bread on a whim. I had some dough that needed to be used up. The kids needed a snack. The next thing I knew, we had something new to go with pizza night.

Tear off pieces of your basic dough recipe and place in a greased dish. This is an easy job for little ones. Melt butter in a bowl and add some garlic powder and any other spices and herbs you like. Hand your kids silicone pastry brushes and let them go at it, coating the tops and dripping down in between the pieces. Bake just as you would a pizza. In fact, on pizza night, I just toss this in the oven at the same time as the pizza. When it comes out, I like to add nutritional yeast and parmesan.

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