The Story of Stuff

Today, I am happy to participate in the blog hop for The Story of Stuff.

We live in a disposable society, which might not matter if we didn’t live in a finite world. Annie Leonard, writer and producer of the now renowned The Story of Stuff video (see below) has addressed a deeply polarizing topic. Her informative and non-shaming approach to the global issues of mass consumerism challenges us to think about the way we live our lives. Written in a conversational tone, Leonard manages to incorporate economics, politics, and environmental science in a format which everyone can understand. If we want to make a difference, we must first comprehend the magnitude of the problems caused by our love affair with stuff

The Story of Stuff offers to change our lives for the better, if only we pick up the call. One person alone cannot combat our global demise, but together, we might just make a difference.

Visit The Story of Stuff Project for more resources and information.

As a side note, we can’t hear about breastfeeding enough if we are to normalize breastfeeding and limit the biological, environmetal, and economic problems associated with our country’s dismal breastfeeding rates. Kudos to Leonard for at least mentioning breastfeeding in her book.

Disclaimer: A complimentary copy of the book was provided by Free Press.

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