Spring is in the Air

Photo by smilla4

Spring is in the air. I know it’s just a tease; we are bound to be hit by cold, dreary weather again. After all, it is only February. However, I’ve been enjoying this little reprieve from freezing cold temperatures and the abundant piles of snow.

I’ve cleaned out a large portion of the garage. My children have played outside without coats and mittens, tracking in copious amounts of mud from the melted snow. We went to the zoo  and had a picnic.
And, I’ve thrown the windows open. I love the smell of Spring – there is a promise of good weather to come, of the cycle of life, of memories past and those yet to be made. There is something about that smell which leaves me wanting more and yet fills me with peace and joy at the same time. My husband lovingly humors me. I don’t think that smell affects him the way it does me. He doesn’t have some deep set desire to air the house and jump into Spring cleaning. Perhaps it is the farm girl in me, or maybe it is just the idea of a promise yet to be fulfilled that pulls at me. Either way, I can’t get enough. 

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