My Own Style

Laura Grace Weldon, author of Free Range Learning (stay tuned for a review coming soon) and a blog by her own name, has honored me with a Stylish Blogger Award. I can only assume it was late and that she must have been grasping for fifteen new blog names, but I feel honored, nonetheless, that my blog came to her tired mind. She and I share an eternal search for growth and understanding; perhaps that is a style all in its own.

Accompanied with this honor are the requests that I first share seven random things about myself and then proceed to bestow the award to fifteen other bloggers.

Seven random things about myself:

1. I hate shoes. Perhaps hate is too strong of a word. I strongly dislike shoes. I have two main pairs of shoes. I wear clogs when it is cold out and sandals when it is hot out. I only wear them when we are headed out somewhere, and I slip them off at every possible opportunity.

Photo by Kristin

2. I am a percussionist. One of my degrees is in music, and percussion was my primary instrument. Truth be told, tympani are my true loves of the percussion world. Percussionists are known for being a bit different from the rest of the group, and that seems to fit me well.

3. I always turn off the water when burshing my┬áteeth. Recently I learned that a vast majority of people don’t; they leave the precious water running for those minutes. It boggles my mind.

4. I miss the freckle at the end of my nose. For almost as long as I can remember, I have had a freckle sized mole right at the end of my nose in the exact center. It never bothered me. In fact, it was kind of nice. It began fading a couple of years ago. Apparently moles have a life span of 20-50 years, something I never knew. My mole/freckle is barely there anymore. I miss it. I’ll have to make do with the millions of other freckles and moles covering my pale skin.

5. I can wiggle my nose. I have always had this special ability. In comes in handy for those times I want to mimic a rabbit. It’s also tied into my sense of smell. I cannot wiggle my ears. For some reason people always ask me that when they realize I can wiggle my nose.

6. My dream car is a Jeep Wrangler. Some day when the kids are all out on their own and I no longer need a mini-van, I will have one. I had always liked Jeeps, but my desire for one was cemented when I was working on a project after grad school which required me to go off-roading most days. Did I mention I got paid to do it?

7. Every time I place an order with our Frontier coop, I order chapstick. Every time. I usually order two tubes of chapstick. I like having chapstick handy. My lips get chapped easily any more and my chapstick is much more likely to walk off in the hands of some little one. I have some favorites and others are ones that I want to try. I’ll share some of my favorites soon.

I have to say I was worried about not being able to come up with seven thing sto share. I’m typically rather private. However, this was fun. I hope I have the opportunity to do this again, sometime.

And now I pass this award on to others, in no particular order. Feel free to check out some more bloggers:

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