Color Coded Tape

Once upon a time, tape had a near immortal life at my house. I rarely used it, and it sat quietly in the basket on the fridge, contemplating the meaning of its existence, perfecting its stickiness, and preparing for when it would be called upon to stitch together paper.

Then I had children and those children began to grow…..and use tape. Their tape use shortened the tape’s life considerably. It wasn’t long before I had difficulty even finding tape on those rare occassions when I actually needed it.

The next time we went to the store, list in hand, I reached for replacement tape. Inspiration struck as I saw the tape with different colored cardstock in it. Aha! Color coded tape! I picked up a 4 pack of transparent tape in red for my children and a 3 pack of invisible tape in green for my own use. Never again would I have to search for tape to wrap a package or repair a torn piece of paper.

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