Planning a Vacation

We are going on vacation this year. We haven’t been on a real vacation (you know, one that didn’t have a funeral involved) in four years, and that one was wrought with morning sickness, a horrible cold for everyone, and my husband on his cell phone with work. I can clearly remember walking through some of the museums with my then two and four year olds, everyone sniffling and sneezing, while my husband trailed behind us on his phone, dealing with yet another problem that work couldn’t solve without him.

This time, while we will have cell phones in case of emergencies (and our phones don’t have text or web enabled), we are cutting the rest of the world off. We aren’t even taking laptops (gasp!), as we leave work behind.

Photo by Jinx!

I’m beginning to become excited. I have a hotel booked for the to and from trips and a condo at our destination. I’ve figured out which days are best to go which places in order to get the best discounts. I have a nice itinerary going – one which I will be happy to throw out the window if we decide that staying at the condo and blowing bubbles is more important.

We aren’t going to try to drive the entire trip in one day. If we want to stop and see the biggest ball of twine (okay, I have no desire to see the biggest ball of twine, but you get my drift), we can and will. This is going to be a good trip, and I’m excited for it. I’ll have the five most important people in all of the world with me, my husband and children, and that’s all I need. All I need is love

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    1. Thanks! It won’t be for a while. However, I was beginning to focus on the negatives of what could go wrong. Letting taht go and focusing on enjoyment has been such a relief.

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