Angel Burn

Willow has always been different and she is perfectly fine with that. With her psychic abilities, atypical fashion choices, and affinity with cars, life isn’t too bad, minus that fact that her mother lost a grip on reality a long time ago. After giving a psychic reading to a classmate, she realizes that something more sinister is going on. An attempt to stop her classmate from joining a cult sends her running for her life.

Debut author L.A. Weatherly’s new book, Angel Burn, brings a new focus to paranormal young adult fiction – one that hasn’t been overdone and exploited. Her take on angels is fresh and unique, adding to her writing. While the main characters do fall in love, almost a given for a novel such as this, Weatherly’s take on angels gives a fantastic, fast paced read.

Angel Burn

Disclaimer: A copy was provided by the publisher.

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