Small Appliance Closet

I’ve been working on making our home more functional. While I would love to have a bigger kitchen, it isn’t a possibility in our current home. I needed to look at different ways to make our kitchen space work for us. I had already turned the linen closet into a pantry and part of our laundry room into space for a deep freezer and dry goods storage.

What I really needed was a place to store our small appliances. My husband wasn’t thrilled with my idea to store them in the garage and I hated his attempts to pile them on the refridgerator and on our limited counter space.

We happened to have a coat closet directly across the hallway from the kitchen. The kids and I headed to the home improvement store and picked up screws, 1 x 2’s, and some boards. Then we headed home, measured, cut, and made shelves for the closet. It works well for all of the small appliances and part of the kids’ art supplies. When we move, we can just remove the shelves.


Fairies, dragons, magic, and more. Childhood is a fascinating time, filled magic around every corner. Check out what Families Create! participants created in April:

Aunalise at My Sweet Potatoes shares with us the photographic tourshe went on with her children though the enchanted gardens in Photographic Tour Though the Enchanted Gardens and how her family made their very own Fairy Gardens.

A submarine toothbrush holder was inspiration at Living Peacefully with Children. Mandy’s children fantasized about what it would be like under the sea which she then put together with watercolors and framed for this Under the Sea Bathroom.

Brenna at Almost All The Truth shares how her family made Where the Wild Things Are come to life by letting her little wild things make masks and star in their own A Wild Things Masked Rumpus!

Amy at Anktangle created something very special to aide in imaginative fantasy play: a fierce but friendly Amigurumi Dragon!

While Mandy at Living Peacefully with Children doesn’t have her fantasy kitchen, she is making her simple kitchen work better. Check out her unused coat closet turned new Small Appliance Closet. Kitchen Shelves finally give a place to house some of the produce her family goes through. Homemade Chalkboards help keep her family organized while giving a place for children to explore their creativity.

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Learn how to make some of the Gnome Homes for Rent that Auna at My Sweet Potatoes made for your own backyard and maybe you will soon have a village of Gnomes. Then read as she shares how to make Fairy Butter , a great snack for all the fairies/gnomes in your life.

No set would be complete at Living Peacefully with Children without a Harry Potter themed I-Spy set.

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  1. there are times when i feel like fixing kitchen appliances and reorganizing them to make the kitchen a little less messy, but ends up cluttered and messed up after use, very frustrating, i must say! you’ve done a good job, though. 🙂

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