The Immortality Virus

The Immortality Virus

Don’t let the cover of Christine Amsden’s new book, The Immortality Virus, scare you off. Inside is a dark dystopian science fiction novel with merit on many levels. The beginning dragged a bit, and while normally I would find the frequent references in that section to specific geographical locations annoying, those familiar with the Kansas City area will chuckle just a bit at references to various neighborhoods.

In a world where people no longer age, money rules everything as the masses starve and many seek voluntary slavery in order to survive. Grace, an idealist ex-cop and blacklisted private detective finds herself at the center of a plot from many angles. If she has the courage to fight, she just might make a difference and help reverse the damage caused by the virus unleashed upon the masses.

Disclaimer: A copy of the book was provided by the author.

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